Risk Evaluation


Analysis and accurate assessment of risk levels

Esc 2 professionals offer certified methodologies to determine risk priorities established through quantitative and/or qualitative relationships between benefits and associated risks, so as to understand the risks that need immediate interventions and how to increase control over critical processes.


The methodology of analysis and risk management developed by the Esc 2 team is the result of the integration of several of the best practices in the sector and allows to combine the constraints deriving from business activities and infrastructural security and in a unified vision.

Simple and Powerful

Asset Modelling

Risk Assessment

Risk Mitigation

  • Census of assets supporting business processes and services
  • Impact analysis and classification of information
  • Characterization of assets
  • Building of the asset/information relationship
  • Assessment and appraisal of risk scenarios
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Calculation and analysis of risk levels for each process
  • What if Analysis between the controls and countermeasures that can be implemented to reduce the risk
  • Risk treatment
  • Analysis of residual risk
  • Work Flow Management


Based on regulatory requirements and business objectives, Esc2 develops information security management systems based on ISO 27000 standards for performing specialized risk analysis and assessment activities