Business Continuity Management



We guarantee the continuity of the business.
Solutions to estabilish and manage the potential effect coming from interruptions of critical business processes.

Solutions for operational continuity

The continuity of the business, in addition to representing itself a fundamental issue, is an important regulatory requirement in many contexts. Within Finance, the Bank of Italy regulation is an example of the attention required to companies in the sector in terms of business continuity.

No Interruptions

Exact Targeting

Incident Reporting

A detailed impact analysis, together with the effectiveness of our solutions, allows us to guarantee 100% business continuity.

Delimitation of the intervention perimeter as accurately as possible, in order to isolate the threat from contiguous processes.

Our Business Continuity solutions generate detailed reports on compromised scenarios resulting from potential incidents.

Incident Management

Our team combines a careful analysis of the impacts on the business, together with various Risk Assessment methodologies, with the aim of identifying the critical business processes and hypothesizing the impact deriving from potential incidents or other interruptions.

Business Continuity

Esc2 team consultants are able to design and implement solutions to guarantee the continuity of critical business processes, even in critical situations.