Compliant. Performant. Agile.

Innovative methodologies and customized tools to evaluate the Company Compliance levels with regards to the relevant company policies and applicable regulatory and statutory standards.

Gap Analysis & Compliance Evaluation

Esc2 professionals provide tailored services so to craft a clear picture of the company position with regards to the respect of all obligations deriving from statutory and regulatory security requirements for the Digital Information and ICT infrastructure. All evaluation process steps encompass a gap analysis activity, so to measure the coverage degree of all the relevant requirements, and enable the representation of the company current level of alignment to the regulatory framework.

Recognised experience in Digital Security

1 to 1 approach

Shared Methodology

The Gap Analysis is based on interviews with the accountable and relevant functions, , and on a common and shared methodology integrated by a technical audit to be directly performed on the client systems and infrastructures, using specific IT tools as need be.

Simplified Framework

We Simplify organizational and process based implementation and update of regulatory and statutory requirements such as SOX, Basel III at international level, or local Laws and regulations such as EU Privacy, Italian BankIT 263/06 – XVth update, 262/05, IVASS Reg. 20, D.Lgs. 231/01., etc.