Business Continuity

We Ensure Your Business Continuity

Solutions to determinate and manage the potential effect arising from critical business processes interruptions.

Ensuring Operational Continuity

The ability to do business “as usual” is not only of fundamental importance for the Company, but it also constitutes a statutory and regulatory obligation in several environments, namely in the Financial and Public sector, where regulations and laws and require a high level of attention with regards to the capacity of being fully operational.

Zero Interruptions

A detailed impact analysis, along with the effectiveness of our solutions, allow our Clients to maintain critical business processes and services running at the desired level, in all conditions.


Precise delimitation of the activity scope allows for isolation of threats and averts contagion to other, contiguous processes.


Our Business Continuity solutions provide detailed reports on impacts scenarios of potential incidents.


Incident Management

Esc2 team unites in depth business impact analysis with several Risk Assessment methodologies, in order to identify the most critical business processes and estimate the potential impacts of incidents or other severe sort of events leading to interruptions.

Business Continuity

The Esc2 team offers and implements state of the art solutions to ensure the continuity of the critical business processes, ensuring the appropriate levels of business performance for the company even in case of severe disruptions.