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Infosync RM is a complete solution developed by Esc2 team of experts, allowing to manage the complex task of identifying and treat in an objective, continuous and effective manner the ICT security and operational risks of a company.
Infosync RM allows a seamless integration of disparate information sources contributions generated outside or within the organization, as well as statutory and regulatory mandates, standards and best practices.

Infosync RM embodies a state of the art and innovative methodology among the ones measuring quantitatively the level of adequacy of the means of protection on multiple levels and layers of the organization, and also of their contribution to the realization of the risk governance current policies along the company overall risk propensity.


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Key Powers

Change Risk Management in a Digital Way

Infosync RM has been developed according to a holistic and integrated risk vision, built by measuring various scenarios of the possible ICT evolutions, in addition to a new ways of incident, Problem & Digital Security Management.
Rapidly identify the impacts deriving from the IT Risk scenarios, view the vulnerability levels and define a treatment plan for mitigating risks.
Automates workflow methodology of risk analysis responsible for collecting and analyzing the information necessary to calculate IT Risk, performing reports and outlining the events required for treatment.

Using the what if Analysis function, the user can verify and simulate the potential effectiveness of the risk counter measures adopted to reduce the identified and assessed risk levels, and rapidly evaluate different potential scenarios.


Thanks to an innovative assesment methodology, Infosync RM can perform real time gap analysis on company compliance levels with regards to all applicable regulation frameworks in market such as Banking, Insurance, Telco, Oil & Energy.


Infosync RM solution supports the ongoing update and time based archiving of all information pertaining to risk, bases on a collaborative model between the different company structures.

Manage From Every Device

Infosync RM is a web based platform combining risk specific functionalities with the efficiency and versatility of a responsive HTML 5 GUI. The Touch Screen version has a resizing function, allowing the user to connect on the platform from every device.

The Three-steps Risk Management Framework



The Assessment phase is performed through 3 classes of activities: Model, Domain and Stages, enabling the user to edit and store all necessary information to determine the risk level.

Custom multi-level analysis to perform detail level risk evaluation on single processes and related assets.

Automatic Gap Analysis and ongoing compliance level control as per key market standards on risk evaluation.

Risk Forecast

With the Forecast Phase functionalities, Infosync RM enables Risk Scenario simulation and potential outcome evaluations. Through the “What-If Analysis”, it can project the levels of impact and vulnerability of different scenarios directly on your screen.

Customized dashboard creation and real time on screen visualization.

State of the art calculation engines with automatic creation of relationships between different ICT assets and events to simulate potential impact scenarios.



The treatment phase is the ultimate Infosync RM tool, allowing to effectively manage and mitigate Risk, by properly laying out the countermeasures to be implemented to lower levels impacts and vulnerabilities, establishing an integrated treatment plan.

Fast editing of the most appropriated countermeasures for ICT risk reduction.

Complete support for the definition of risk treatment and management plans.

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