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A Highly Specialised Competence Center

Esc2 is the Center of Excellence of a pool of Digital Information Cyber Security seasoned professionals, providing consulting service and effective solutions for the Risk Governance.

Multi Level End-to-End Risk Analysis

We provide solutions to analyze and manage risk for all levels within Client companies, from the physical and organizational security to the development of business continuity solutions.

Effective Solutions to Support Your Business

Development of software solutions for the Risk Management, Reporting and Data Breach in entreprise environments, customized project integration for the overall company IT infrastructure.

Digital Security Professionals

At Esc2 we see Digital Security as cyclical, ongoing process. Our team of professionals constantly works side to side with clients to implement business processes permitting a continuous and integrated control of digital and operational security for a complete Risk Governance.



Security Engineering

Security Strategies

Main Services

We work to make our client’s critical business processes secure, simple and compliant, driving the needed innovation and flexibility for the coming business scenarios.

Information Security

Integrated Solutions Development for the Digital Information security.

Compliance Management

Customized solution to fully achieve compliance to key market standards.

Risk Management

Customized solution to fully achieve compliance to key market standards.

Business Continuity

Implementation of Business Continuity solutions for an effective continuity of business in emergency situations.


The Set of Super Powers designed to protect your Business.

Infosync RM is the ground breaking and innovative sofware solution developed by Esc2 team of experts, automating the methodology workflow supporting the Risk Management process from the analysis to the crafting of mitigation plans and implementation.

Digital Security Lab

Video, Webinar, Infographics and many other Resources published by Esc2 Experts

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Our Company Group

Esc2 is a Partner Company of Energent S.p.A., a leading provider of solutions and professional services in the Digital Information & Communication Technology space. Esc2 leverages Energent’s assets and network of professionals with a deep expertise, to deliver a full blown Digital Security Framework on the corporate market.